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Rule 1: The Ring And Stage

 In general competitions, the ring and stage are as follows:

1.1 The ring is constructed for boxing sport competitions. It must be constructed strongly and safely at a level without any obstructions and the ring floor must stretch out beyond ring ropes at least 90 centimeters.

1.2 The floor must be up from the ground at least 1.20 meters, but not higher than 1.50 meters. In each of the four ring corners, one ring post of 10-12 centimeters in diameters is erected high up from the ground not higher than 2.85 meters. The ring floor must be covered with soft materials such as rubber, soft cloth pieces, sponge, or similar materials of the thickness of 2.50 centimeters to 3.75 centimeters, with a top-up cover tightly and smoothly secured, all over the whole ring area.

1.3 The ring construction is to position the red corner on the left hand side Chairman of the ring officials’ table, the blue corner opposite to the red corner and the other two are neutral corners.

1.4 There are 4 surrounding ring ropes of 3-5 centimeters in diameter, padded with smooth and soft materials, attached tightly to the corner posts. The ropes are attached high up from the ring floor 45 centimeters, 75 centimeters, 1.05 meters and 1.35 meters, respectively as measured to the rope’ top. The ropes of each side must be held by two strong pieces of cloth 3-4 centimeters wide with an equal space from each other. These pieces of cloth must be tightly tied to hold the ropes. All four corners must be padded with cushions or other materials in good conditions to protect the boxers form harms. There must be a ladder at the red corner and another one at the blue corner for the boxers, the seconds, the referee, and the ring doctor to step up into the ring for duties.

1.5 Two plastic boxes or bins are provided in both neutral corners, one box each (outside the ring) for the referee to dispose cotton or left material

1.6 The stage is part of the ring. It is a square of 6.10 X 6.10 meters for a small size and 7.30 x 7.30 meters for large one, measured from the inner of the ring ropes.

Rule 1: The Ring And Stage
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