Kieran Patrick Keddle

Calgary based but English born is former 3-time World Muay Thai Champion and Coach to over 22 World Champions in different martial arts disciplines. His passion for fighting took him into the promotional world in which he has hosted events in Europe, the Middle East and North America.  He is the founder and promoter of previous events Ring Wars, Xplosion, Nak Muay, Muay Thai Grand Prix and now the CEO of Muay Thai World Cup.  He has co-promoted with Enfusion Live & Lion Fight in which a crossover event brought fighters in from each promotion to compete against each other.  

The partnership and journey between Kieran & Zachary to create Muay Thai World Cup has been an interesting one.  In 2018, the Tsuu T’ina Nation passed a law to bring a fight commission to the reserve. The Tsuu T’ina Combat Commission was formed. Kieran was then appointed as the WBC Muay Thai Representative for Canada. MTWC was formed and held its first event in November 2019 at the Seven Chiefs Sportsplex, bringing the best North American fighters together in a thrilling night. It was the first professional Muay Thai event in Canada for many years and broke records for crowd attendance (outside of the UFC), with 2335 fans coming in to enjoy the action. For the first time in Canadian history, 3 WBC Titles were on the line and Canadian fighters were placed in the WBC World Muay Thai rankings.

“It’s just the start, MTWC itself became an overnight success, the momentum now and aim is to just get bigger and bigger. The fighters will only improve - and I believe MTWC will be the biggest promotion in North America very soon.” 

Zachary Elias Manywounds

Born in Calgary, AB and raised on the Tsuu T’ina Nation. 

We were raised by a single father and I’m the youngest of three children. 

I’ve always had a passion for wanting others to achieve their best in life no matter what their craft was! 

Being a life- long athlete in basketball & track, I understood the hard work and dedication it would take to go to the next level. My story is not without adversity; I had a child at 19 years old, suffered through my own battles with addiction, loss and mental health. When I was 23 years old I found combative sports! It taught me how to overcome all the challenges that life can throw at you! Throughout my fight career I knew that being a combative athlete wasn’t going to be the “only way” to achieve my goals, so the goal then became helping others achieve their dreams!

As a General Manager on the Tsuu T’ina Nation, I took my skills with me into MTWC with my partner Kieran Keddle. We created something not only for fans, but for the fighters to live out their dreams! Their vision, their passion. 

My reason for this brand being here in the first place wasn’t only for fans, fighters or even popularity. The reason MTWC came to life was for a child that is near and dear to our hearts! He is the heart and soul of MTWC, he is what makes this brand come alive! He is who we work so hard for and will continue to do so for him. 

I wanna give a special shout out to Kieran Keddle for the bigger vision of MTWC, for giving it purpose and for giving me reason to want to be a part of this amazing journey we are on. 

“-We do this for you R....” 

Tina Foster 

Contracts & liaisons Manager 

Born on the Acadian Shores of Nova Scotia, Tina made the move to the West and Calgary, Alberta in 2013. The daughter of an Entrepreneur, watching her Dad run the family business brought with it many important lessons on how to push through tough situations, make things happen and stay the course. 

Sport and Martial Arts came to her at a later point in life, igniting a passion and inspiring her to challenge and inspire others to push past their own boundaries.


This quest has brought her to a place where her Administrative skill set and love for Martial Arts can come together as a part of the Team behind Muay Thai World Cup.

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