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Rule 3: Gloves​/Gear 


3.1 The gloves used in the competitions must have the leather portion not heavier than one-half (1/2) of the glove’s total weight and the glove’s inner pads must weight and least one-half (1/2) of the glove’s total weight. It is not permitted to change the shape of the glove’s inner pads or to rub the glove’s inner pads in order for spreading them from the original shape.

3.2 In competitions, the boxer must use only the gloves certified by Board Boxing Sport in accordance with the regulations and provided the boxing stadium manager or the promoter.

 3.3  The glove sizes for competitions are as follows:

         3.3.1 . The boxer between the super mini Flyweight division and the Featherweight division must use                                    six ounce (6oz) gloves (132 grams).

         3.3.2  The boxer between the Super Featherweight division and the Welterweight division must use eight                           ounce (8oz) gloves 227 grams.                             

         3.3.3 The boxer in the Super Welterweight division and over division must use ten ounce (10oz) gloves (284                      grams).

3.4 The glove laces must be tied with knots behind the wrists. Gloves must be inspected and stamped by the authorized glove inspector who must observe and control glove wearing to ensure that the boxer has them tied accordingly to rules until the boxers step into the ring.


All amateur boxers will be required to wear 10oz (284 grams) gloves. And must be tied in accordance to WBC standards. 

Elbow pads must be worn by all amateur boxers and will be provided by the promoter. This will be the only additional gear worn on boxers weapons aside from gum shield and groin protectors.

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