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Rule 13: Timekeepers And Announcer

The timekeeper and the announcers must sit beside the ring at delighted seats. Their duties are as follows:


13.1 The timekeeper’s duties: To keep the number of rounds and fighting time for each round, resting interval time between rounds, and time of time-outs.

13.1.1 To signal for the beginning and the ending of round by striking the bell.

13.1.2 To signal for five (5) seconds before beginning each round to clear the stage.

13.1.3 To deduct the time of interruption or the time stopped by the referee’s order.

13.1.4 To keep correct time at all times by stopwatch or clock.


13.1.5 The timekeeper shall not give the bell signal while the referee is counting even though the fighting time of that round expires. The timekeeper will strike the bell when the referee order “ชก” (CHOK)


13.2 The announcer’s duties are as follows:


13.2.1 To announce names, boxing camps, corners and weights before both boxers show up in the ring.


13.2.2 To announce that seconds have to leave the ring when they hear the warning signal from the timekeeper.


13.2.3 To announce the beginning and ending of each contesting round.


13.2.4 To announce the scores of both boxers and identify the winner following the decision.

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