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Rule 2: Ring Equipment For Competitions

Provided by promoter or the WBC commissioner.

2.2 A mop to wipe the ring floor and two foot- towels.

2.3 Two small bottles for drinking water and two water spraying bottles.

2.4 Two towels.

2.5 Two buckets of water.

2.6 Tables and chairs for officials.

2.7 A bell.

2.8 One or two stopwatches.

2.9 Score cards.

2.10 A locked box for score cards.

2.11 A set of round, boxing time, and bout markers.

2.12 Two pairs of boxing gloves.

2.13 Two boxer’s shorts, red and blue each.

2.14 Two protective cups two protective coverings for the boxer’s genital organs.

2.15 Two screens to use in case the protective cup or the genital.

2.16 A stretcher.

2.17 A pair of safety scissors.

2.18 Other instruments essential for the competitions, e.g. an amplifier and a microphone, etc.

Rule 2: Ring Equipment For Competition
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