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Rule 19: Ring Doctor

The ring doctor must be present at a designated seat throughout the competition until the last bout ends. The following are also the ring doctor’s duties:


19.1 To check the boxer’s physical examination before the weigh-in to certify that the boxer are physically fit and healthy, without any prohibited disease or sickness as specified in the doctor’s handbook by board of boxing Sport.


19.2 To give advice and suggestion to the referee on request.


19.3 To assist an unconscious boxer caused by fighting. Only the ring doctor is permitted to enter the ring. Other individuals may enter the ring if the ring doctor needs special help.


19.4 To lend medical assistance for a knocked-out or technical knocked-out boxer by thoroughly checking and immediate treatment.


19.5 To check and diagnose the boxers after their bouts to notify them their recovery periods before the next bout as the following regulation:


19.5.1 After a five-round bout, the boxers will have a 21 day suspension before next bout.


19.5.2 The winner if in  one round will have a 7 day suspension before next bout. 


19.5.3 The winner if in three rounds will have a 14 day suspension before next bout.


19.5.4 The loser by knockout or technical knockout will have a 30 day suspension. In cases of losing by knockout or technical knockout because of two (2) consecutive head blows, the boxer will have a 90 day suspension and must be medically cleared before next bout.

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