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Rule 14: Decisions

14.1 Winning by points when the bout ends, the boxer who gets the judge’s majority decision wins the contest.


14.2 Winning by Knockout (KO) If the boxer is knocked down as a “fall” and he cannot continue the fight for ten (10) seconds, his opponent will win by knockout.


14.3 Winning by Technical Knockout (TKO) a boxer wins the contest by technical knockout in such conditions as follows:


14.3.1 When a boxer outclasses his opponent very clearly or he one–sidedly outpoints his opponent in such conditions that his opponent may be seriously injured.

14.3.2 When his opponent cannot continue the contest immediately after the resting interval of a round.


14.3.3 When his opponent is so seriously injured that he cannot continue the contest.


14.3.4 When his opponent has been counted for more than two (2) times (=3 times) in one round or more than four (4) time (=5 times) all though in span of contest since the first round.


14.3.5 When his opponent has fallen out of the ring and he cannot get back into the ring after the referee has counted “ยี่สิบ” (YISIP) or twenty (20).


14.3.6 When his opponent willfully withdraws from the contest because of injury or other causes.


14.4 Winning by disqualification of opponent.


14.5 No titles contests In case a boxer does not pass the ring doctor’s physical examination, or he does not make the division weigh-in, or he does not show up to compete as scheduled the title will be declared a “No Contest” *In a title contest when the champion cannot make weight or pass the physical examination or fails to show then his title will be declared vacant. *If the champion is overweight and the two fighters agree to fight and the champion is beaten then the challenger will be declared the new champion *If the challenger can’t make weight the event will be declared a no contest. *If the champion or challenger cannot make weight for a scheduled title contest, they will be suspended form fighting for a period of six months.


14.6 A Draw Decision. A contest will be decided as a draw on the following condition:


14.6.1 The majority decision is even as a draw.


14.6.2 When both boxers are knocked down as a fall and they have been counted out of “สิบ” (SIP) or ten (10).


14.6.3 When both boxer have fallen out of the ring and they cannot continue.


14.7 No Decision When the referee considers that either boxer or both “fight dishonorably,” he declare that “There is no decision for this bout as the red corner / blue corner / or both boxers fight dishonorably”


14.8 Decision of No Contest. In case the boxers intentionally hold the fight and they have been warned and cautioned by the referee, but they still keep on holding the fight, the referee shall stop the contest and he shall declare “No contest for his bout.”


14.9 Cancellation of Contest. In case of the ring damage, a riot from spectators, or an unexpected situation causing it impossible to continue the contest, the referee shall cancel the contest and declares “Cancellation of contest.”


14.10 Vacant Title If the champion fights any official contest in his weight category and loses by KO and TKO his WBC title will be declared vacant.

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