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Rule 22: Championship Defenses

Timing of Defenses. The WBC Muay Thai’s policy is to offer opportunities to ranked fighters to compete for its titles, and thus the WBC seeks to prevent titles from being frozen due to inactivity by champions. Therefore, a WBC Muay Thai champion should strive to defend their title in mandatory or voluntary defenses at least twice a year, unless a written exception or extension is granted by the WBC MuayThai, in its sole discretion. World champions and International champions have an obligation to defend their titles within a period of six months: from the date of their first championship win, or from the date of their most recent championship defense. After the six-month period expires a world champion will receive written notification of a further 60-day period of grace, in order to accommodate the champion to have a championship defense. Upon expiration of the 60-day notice the WBC MuayThai has the right to vacate the relevant champion without any prior written or oral notice. International champions have six months from the day they win their title, to either defend their championship, or notify the WBC MuayThai of a confirmed title defense (within a reasonable timeframe), failure to do so allows the WBC MuayThai to vacate the champion at anytime thereafter, without prior written or oral notification.

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