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Rule 20: Drugs Or Prohibited Substances

20.1 It is prohibited to let the boxer use any drugs or chemical substances which are not the boxer’s usual consuming food.


20.2 It is possible to use substances like local anesthesia, but only by the ring doctor approval.


20.3 The prohibited substances for boxer are categorized in accordance with board of boxing sport regulations.


20.4 The boxer who uses a prohibited substance or the person who gives the boxer a prohibited substance must be penalized by laws.


20.5 A boxer or an official who violation regulations of drugs or prohibited substances must be penalized and prohibited from any bout or participation in any boxing activities.


20.6 Any boxer who refuses to have medical checkup after the bout violates this rule. That boxer will be prohibited from any bout. Besides, the official who encourages the boxer to commit that guilt will be prohibited from any boxing competitions, as well.

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