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Rule 11: Judges

Judges must dress as same as the referees. They may wear eyeglasses when performing their duties. The judge’s duties are as follows:


11.1 Each judge must sit on each side of the ring with a distance from spectators. During the bout, the judges shall not speak with the boxer or other people. If necessary, they may speak with the referee during the resting interval of rounds to inform the referee that there have been some incidents e.g. the second’s misconduct and loose ropes, etc.


11.2 Judges shall decide to score independently and accordingly to the rules. They must record scores in the score cards immediately after each round. They must add up the scores of both boxers for each round. They must identify the winner and sing the score cards before handing them to the referee.


11.3 Judges shall not leave their seats until the referee declares the contest result.


11.4 Judges shall neither criticize nor give an interview about the future fight results or the past fight results unless they get permission from the Chairman of the ring officials.

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